JoyDivision is a well-known Germany-based company dedicated to providing best-value sensually erotic lifestyle products to customers. After the company released Europe’s most popular AQUAglide and 100% natural BIOglide collections of lubricants, it became one of the leaders in the market.

Feel intense moisture during the sexual act with AQUAglide Sensitive, which is suited for exceptional delicate skin. Product’s formula optimizes pH balance, hydrates the skin, and makes it healthy-looking. Medical BIOglide Plus Ginseng lubricant keeps the balance of pH and decreases painful friction during penetration. Fresh ginseng provides long-lasting lubrication so you could relax and fully enjoy the sexual experience. If you are looking for a high quality, natural lubricant that provides protection against virus BIOglide Safe Carrageen is one of the best choices. A product, which has no synthetic fragrances and colorings will make you feel divine pleasure. All JOYDIVISION products are dermatologically and clinically tested and made sure that they would be skin-friendly.