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Drained and dried up The Bitten was found on archaeological dig in Transylvania.

Over 1000 years old and known now to be the only surviving part of the last male vampire. The Bitten had been lost, thought to be stolen from its place at an undisclosed air-tight storage facility in the deserts of Nevada.

Rumored now to be used in satanic ceremonies by an ancient cults around the world hoping to breed themselves with the seed of the last vampire!

Insertable Length — 6.25″
Width — 1.25″

Each of these products is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, piece of functional artwork. Actual coloring and detail work will vary for each product. Part of their charm and unique character is that every customers order will vary ever so slightly. Very personal and unique.

Every Monster Cocks product is created out of the highest grade materials to be safe for use and give the coolest effect! We only use Platinum Grade Silicone with our toys! So, whether you want your Monster Cock product to be a coffee table conversation piece our a bedroom enhancement toy, we got you covered!


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