Egg masturbator by Tenga


Egg masturbator by Tenga

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Egg masturbator by Tenga

It is a revolutionary male masturbator from the Tenga brand, of Japanese origin, it has a small (although adaptable to all sizes) and original size that makes it easy to transport and store. It is made of an incredible super flexible material that is very pleasant to the touch (medical grade elastomer) and is hypoallergenic.

Its operation is very simple, when we remove the outer wrapper we find a plastic shell that protects a soft egg with a gelatinous texture and a hole in its lower part. Inside it we will find an envelope with lubricant which we will apply inside the egg just before placing it on the tip of the penis (as if it were a condom). The material is incredibly flexible (up to 30cm in length and 20cm in width), you just need to start the massage by taking the egg to the base of the penis.

The interior of the egg contains different textures and reliefs depending on the model (color): waves, bumps, striations, spider web shapes, etc.

It can be used both alone and in play with a partner.

Characteristics of the Tenga Eggs
Male masturbator designed for single use
Super elastic, fits safely to any penis size
Includes an envelope of lubricant
You have 12 models with different textures to choose from
An inexpensive and very pleasant toy for man

It is the authentic kinder egg, a very popular top seller among our customers when it comes to making a gift, an invisible friend, thanks to its originality and low cost.

Due to its price, it is the most successful male masturbator and even though it is initially designed for single use, if it is washed after use and stored correctly, we can use it several times.

The success achieved has been such that the Tenga company has been forced to release 6 new models every year after the demand of its followers.

How to use your masturbator egg have?

First remove the outer wrapper, when you perform this action you will find a white plastic shell (Now it does look like an egg!), Said shell opens in half, finding inside the real masturbator, an egg like made of silicone, soft and very stretchable. In addition we will also find an envelope of water-based lubricant.

Open your sachet of lubricant and put a little liquid on the glans of the penis (then when using the toy it will spread by itself over the entire surface of the penis). Once lubricated, use the opening that brings your egg to place it on your penis as if it were a sheath.

Finally, start enjoying! To do this, grab the silicone egg with one hand, and masturbate in a normal way, this will make the egg stretch from top to bottom, only this time, and thanks to its multiple textures, the sensation you will have and the pleasure you will receive will be unmatched!

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