Pro 2+ by Satisfyer


Pro 2+ by Satisfyer


Pro 2 by Satisfyer

What is it?
The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is the most famous clitoral sucker of all, the best-selling Satisfyer model that has revolutionized sexuality and the world of female masturbation. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a toy that focuses its stimulation on the clitoris without direct contact with it.

Its exclusive Air Pulse technology achieves a sensation of suction by enveloping your pleasure organ with its soft silicone mouthpiece and completely stimulating the internal structure of the clitoris through the pulsations emitted by its membrane.

That’s why we like to say that everyone with a clitoris should try a sucker, at least once in their life. If you are looking for clitoral suckers this is certainly a good option.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation box version from 2021
NEW box design according to the new image of the brand, and it is the only one that we sell at Diversual. It is the original and it is the latest version of the product.

How do I know what the new box is?
It’s very easy: it’s the only version with the new packaging. It is a new hard cardboard box, with a side magnetic closure and a transparent window from which you can see the toy inside, in addition to being screen-printed with the new Satisfyer brand logo that has renewed its corporate image. .

That they do not sell you the old model at the price of the new one
We have seen that some stores sell the old Satisfyer Pro 2 model as if it were the new one. At Diversual we will always offer you the latest version of the most up-to-date original product.

-VERSION 2021 the latest version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.
-A new design in a new luxury box, according to its new image.
-11 suction levels
-Rechargeable by USB.
-Submersible for underwater use.

Satisfyer Pro 2

You should know…
The new version of the much acclaimed Satisfyer Pro 2 invites you to live new experiences from the moment you have its box in your hands, with a transparent window and its new security seal.

Can a good thing be even better? Yes, it can! The guys at Satisfyer have been working hard to make their star toy even better. One of the best gifts you can give (yourself) now with improved technology and a new image that has us falling in love.


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